Group Display Question with Lights & Switches


In one of my rooms I have a LIFX bulb in one lamp and in another lamp I have a standard bulb that is connected to Home Assistant via a TP-Link Smart Switch.


I am trying to figure out how I can display the TP-Link Smart Switch (tribot) as if it is a light component and group it under the same card as couchbot instead of having 2 separate cards (one for Light & one for Switch).

Current Display

My configuration.yaml

Thanks for your help!

First you’ll want to group your light and your switch together, then create a view for the group. I have a views.yaml file in dir called groups that I put both my groups and my views in. I call that folder in my config with group: !include_dir_merge_named includes/groups

Group will be something like:

  name: Lights
    - light.couchbot
    - switch.tribot

View will be something like:

Living Room:
  view: yes
    - group.lr_lights
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You need to know the names of the entity_id of the light and the switch. Here is example code assuming you know that info.

    name: My Lights
      - light.your_light_entity_id
      - switch.your_switch_entity_id

Thanks @Mike_D

I fixed this with your suggestion. The updates can be seen here:


& lastly:

Awesome. Glad you got it sorted out. I’m still very much a n00b to HA but learning everyday and glad I could actually help someone out.


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