Group entry, Sum missmatch on restart

I have a group entry summing 8 values of energy consumption.

   - sensor.linky_hcjw_summation_delivered
   - sensor.linky_hcjr_summation_delivered
   - sensor.linky_hpjr_summation_delivered
   - sensor.linky_hpjw_summation_delivered
   - sensor.consommation_totale_hcjb
   - sensor.consommation_totale_hpjb
   - input_number.consommation_engie_hc
   - input_number.consommation_engie_hp
 unit_of_measurement: kWh
 icon: mdi:lightning-bolt
 friendly_name: Consommation Totale

This summed value should only be increasing. It summed only static or increasing values.

I use this group entry to calculate daily and monthly energy consumption using statistics sensors like the following one.

   - platform: statistics
     name: "Heures Creuses Quotidiennes"
     entity_id: sensor.consommation_totale_hc
     state_characteristic: sum_differences_nonnegative
     sampling_size: 3000
       days: 1
     precision: 3

During reboot, the summing value change, even if the 8 values did not change.

This change of value screw my statistics sensors. Increasing a lot the resulting value.

Did anyone get same issues ?

Is there a way to avoid group entry sum to drop value during reboot ?

Maybe there is a better statistics parameter than “state_characteristic: sum_differences_nonnegative” for my daily and monthly energy consumption ?

I don’t know why but some of my energy value did not appear on the same graph even if their units are the same, could be a part of the problem ?

Could this problem come from the summing values ?

Two of them are input numbers.
Two of them are also groups entries sum and the summed value at reboot seems to be missing this 2 values.

   - sensor.linky_hpjb_summation_delivered
   - input_number.diff_index_engie_edf_hp
 unit_of_measurement: kWh
 icon: mdi:lightning-bolt
 friendly_name: Consommation Totale HPJB
   - sensor.linky_hcjb_summation_delivered
   - input_number.diff_index_engie_edf_hc
 unit_of_measurement: kWh
 icon: mdi:lightning-bolt
 friendly_name: Consommation Totale HCJB

I think I solved my issue. My bad this was a miss configuration.

I had set up my groups using UI (/config/helpers) and used the parameter ignore_non_numeric (set to true), thinking that will prevent bad input data to be summed.

I had changed this parameter trying to investigate another issue : Group Entry Unit.

I read HA Group doc, finding that.

  • If ignore_non_numeric is false then group state will be unavailable if one member is unavailable or does not have a numeric state.

Exactly that I wanted.