Group Helper with attributes of entities, instead entities


A small question: there is any way to create a helper group of attributes instead entities?


A group, by definition, is a collection of entities.

Is it possible to make a school bus out of paper and have it look like a paper airplane? No, but I can tell you how to make a paper airplane if that’s what you want.

Likewise, if you can describe what your end goal is, it’s likely we can help you get there.

Do you want an entity that has a state which is some value based on a specific attribute from a bunch of other sensors?

Do you want an entity that has its own attributes that are a list of attribute values from other sensors?

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Well… I done it by creating a template sensor with a state list of all the needed attributes.
I wanted to make this from the GUI, with the helper feature, I thought that this can be done from the HA by default, and maybe I don’t know how, this why I created the post.


Yep there’s no way to do what you’ve done from the UI.

Hi everyone,
I have the same use case. I have combined A) Zigbee LED strip regulators/dimmers/color temperature and B) zigbee switches. I want to group both, so I can have a single card to switch lights on and regulate color temp. However, since sometimes the zigbee connection is a bit unstable, I would like the on/off command to be sent only to the switch (B), but not to the regulator (A). When creating a group, card looks fine, and it works, but command is sent to both.
If for whatever the reason the regulator loses connection, or takes a while to receive the command, the lights will not turn on.
Is it possible to create a group where the on/off command is only changed with B), but left unchanged in A)?


Hi all,

I am still trying to get my head around this, and tried many solutions that did not work at all. Is it possible to make a group, maybe not through the GUI, but what about YAML?

I am pretty sure I may not be the only one with this issue. Thanks for the help in advance!


I think what you want is a template light, which must be created in YAML.

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