Group helpers deleting entities

Hi, using the iOS companion app I can’t delete a device (a motion sensor) from a group helper. I can replace or add sensors but deleted items aren’t removed. Any hints on what I am missing in the UI for this? I don’t see a way to switch to a YAML edit either.

It might work on the local web UI but I can’t test this while remote. Thanks.

Having the same issue. Not only with group helpers though - also in automations where a blueprint has a multiple entity selector as input. Can change or add entities but not delete.

When deleting, it clears the row but doesn’t remove the row. Saving them reloading the group helper or automation shows that the entity wasn’t actually removed.

Found a workaround for now - for the entity you want to remove, manually type in the entity ID of another entity that is in the group that you want to keep (you won’t be able to select this from the dropdown as the UI tries to prevent you from selecting the same entity twice).

For example, if your group is currently switch.alpha and switch.bravo and you’re trying to get rid of switch.bravo, just clear that row and type in (manually) switch.alpha. Once you do that and click out of the input box, the row will disappear.

This issue is persistent. I understand the workaround but really we need attention to get this fixed. Should we open an issue?

Yes please :slight_smile: same issue here