Group HVAC Controllers

I have a split HVAC system with one compressor hooked into two room units in separate rooms. Each room unit is controlled via a Sensibo and works fine. Problem is that the two room units always have to be on the same mode as the compressor to work properly.
Looking for an easy way to group the HVAC controllers so that:

  1. I have one master card / controller to control both units from the master card for the following:
  • On/Off
  • Temp Ranges (low / high)
  • Mode Changes: Heat, Cool, Dry, Fan
  1. Synchronize both independent room controllers if I change temperatures and modes on one unit, the other will change to same and vice-versa

Basically similar to the built-in Group helper but one that goes beyond on/off switches and lights and groups together all available HVAC attributes

Read through the forums and can’t find this use case - anyone attempted this or knows of an integration that can accomplish this scenario?

If you are interested, there’s a custom integration for grouping climate entities.

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Works like a charm - Thank you!