Group Lights Color

Is there a way to change the groups light color instead of having it to do it one by one. I can turn them all off, but I would like to change the color for all of them.


In limitlessled I put the bulbs in a group 1, 2, 3, 4

My office lights are for instance in group 4. Those are 4 bulbs which are controlled by one switch “Office.”

That gets me the color picker etc that I need for it.

But I have not seen the switch in HA you are talking about controlling all seperate lights in the office placed in a group under HA.

That is why I placed all my office lights under group on my control box.

Would be a good idea yes.

I don’t think it’s possibly to do it dynamically from the gui, but you should be able to define one or more scenes that change the color of multiple lights, and the you can activate the scene(s) from the gui or by automation.