Group / nested lables

With the ability to label entities and automations are grate.
But the first thing that pop in my mind is nested labels.

for example : you have a label temperture_sensor for all your temperture sensor. but you also have a label temperature_sensor_outside and a label temperature_sensor_inside. all you temperture sensors are labeled temperture_sensor. but also have a label to each temperture sensor based on if its inside of outside.

Lets nest the labels like (some) git gui’s list branches:
so you create these labels:

  • temperature_sensor/inside
  • temperature_sensor/outside

but the gui shows it like this:

  • temperature_sensor
    • inside
    • outside

and you can select temperature_sensor, then you get also the inside and outside. but you can also individual inside or outside

I think is will be simple to implement and nice and clean.
suggestions are welcome.
but also better examples