Group no longer behaving correctly. Shelly Motion2/Shelly1PM

I’ve got two shelly motion 2 sensors in the garage in a group that turns the garage light on for 3 minutes via a Shelly 1PM when motion is sensed. This is done with two automations (on and off). The Moton 2’s have a default blind time of 1 minute so the light should come on for 4 minutes.This has been working flawlessly until recently.

The light is either not turning on or turning off prematurely. The screen dump below shows all sensors and the group has detected motion but the light is off. This is wrong.

So I went back through the history of each entity. Everything appears to be working correctly. The on automation is fired by the group, the off automation is fired by the group some 4 minutes later, but the light is not turned on.

If I run the on automation manually, the light does not come on
If I turn the light on using the HA switch shown in the screen dump, the light does turn on and off
This fault ocurred without me touching anything in HA so its wierd.

I am running HA on a raspberry pi using the official image and HA is updated to the latest version…

Any Ideas would be apprciated.

Hmm, this might have been resolved by a firmware update on the Shelly 1 PM
Turned off after 4 minutes

I’ll give it a while before closing