Group of adjacent presence sensors

Still learning HA. Setup a group of binary sensors for my Aqara FP2 zones. Issue is as I walk into adjacent zone the other clears triggering my automation (lights) again.

How can I get the group sensor to really be one entity with logic like, if zone 1-5 present and entering zone 1-5, group presence does not clear. Each zone is a separate area of my kitchen —sink, fridge, countertop, etc. I don’t want the lights to keep activating when I move within the kitchen zones (1-5). Just activate once and stay until leaving the kitchen (eg, living room/zone 6).

I used the helper to create a group entity of binary sensors. I don’t know how to modify it so that basically the clear conditonally happens. If zone 1-5 is clearing and entering zone 1-5, don’t report the clear. If zone 1-5 is clearing, and entering zone 6, report the clear (since zones 1-5 is the group/kitchen and zone 6 is living room).

I’d think that the group becomes present AND stays present as long as one of its sensors is present. Instead, it’s clearing when any sensor in the group becomes clear.

Hope this makes sense

If your group is binary sensor, the default behaviour is that it will be “on” if at least one member of the group is “on”. If you enabled “all entities” when creating the group, the opposite happens - the group is “off” if at least one member is “off”. Sounds as if you enabled “all entities”.

You can edit this by opening the group in Devices & Services | Helpers, clicking on the cogwheel top right and clicking on Group options.

Yeah that setting I understand—and it’s on the default (ie, not “all entities”). I must have some strange setup because my issue is the group entity keeps getting triggered as present as I move into its various grouped zones–instead of just staying present.

I’ll probably add a switch to force it to stay present. I just thought a group would smartly do that…or I’m doing something wrong which is possible. Coming from hubitat so still learning HA.

Did you figure this out? I’m about to get my second Aqara FP2 sensor and want to do something similar. Basically, I have an open kitchen/family room, but need two sensors to get complete coverage. I want the two sensors to basically work as one. Any help with what you learned would be appreciated!

I have the same problem. I have 2 zones in my living room.
Zone 1 is the leaving room.
Zone 2 is the sofa IN the living room.
I created a group helper that combines the two zones into one. So if I’m present in one of the two zones, the group will report as presence detected.
The problem is when going from the living room to the sofa, the helper quickly jumps from clear to detected. Basically I left the living and not yet on the sofa.
So it triggers false positives in my automations…