Group of device trackers not respecting all members

I created a group to track presence of whether either my wife or I am at home. We both have the HA app on our phones which seems to work great and is pretty accurate, but I figured I’d add the device trackers from the UniFi integration just to give another data point and hopefully improve speed of registering someone as home. Everything seemed to work fine for a couple of weeks but then one day as I was working on some WiFi stuff (so disconnecting my phone from the main WiFi) while my wife was gone, I noticed that my automations that activate when everyone is gone activated. I checked and the App was still showing me as Home, but the group status had changed to not_home. It’s been doing this for about a week now. Even though the App shows me as home the group status still shows not_home if my wife is gone. Today I tried removing the unifi device tracker for my phone just to test and it’s still doing the same thing. See