Group of Smoke Detectors


I have made a group of smoke detectors in my groups.yaml file:

  name: smoke_detectors
  - binary_sensor.smoke1_smoke
  - binary_sensor.smoke2_smoke
  - binary_sensor.smoke3_smoke

These are the Xiaomi smoke detectors. But if i trigger the state of one node, my automation is not triggered. The automation worked for one smoke detector when it was not in a group. I’m using Node Red and the state changed node:

Any tips to what I can do? Or if there is a better way of doing it :slight_smile:

You could write the entities with something else than Exact.
Regex, starts with or ends with could probably work.

But what happens to the group in developer tools when one is triggered?

OMG! Sorry for this stupid post :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I forgot to deploy the flow :see_no_evil:

Worked as a charm when the flow was deployed, but thank you Hellis for pointing out checking the Dev Tool, that led me to the conclusion that I had done something wrong :crazy_face:

Sure. But as I said using something else than exact will make the group unnecessary

Hi again Hellis,

Sorry, I’m quite a noob, so not familiar with regex. How would that work or look like? Would be great to skip the groups if that’s what you are saying :slight_smile:

Wow! Did some googeling and figured it out. This is great! Thanks allot Hellis :smiley: