Group order default view

Is it possible to change the order of the displayed groups in the default view when using states ui?
How are they sorted?


Not a fan of Lovelace, huh? :wink:

I like the “old” very much :slight_smile:

The “group order” function has no effect .

what will you do if they ever drop support for that page?

I actually don´t know yet.
I guess I have to move on eventually but I am just very satisfied with this simple look. I just miss some functions like this group order thing.

which you can do in lovelace…

Yeah, you can take control of Lovelace and add/remove/arrange what you want. Could definitely make it very simple.

I am not familiar with lovelace at all. Is it useable with both Hassbian and Hass.IO?

Home assistant is home assistant…hassio, hassbian, pip install in python, home assistant docker…ALL run home assistant. There are no differences in home assistant and it’s functionality.

Yes. Lovelace is the default UI on any instance of home assistant you can imagine.

In fact, unless you specifically told your home assistant to use states as the default, then it’s already using Lovelace.

Actually I did manually switch to States UI because some things showed up strange.
Anyway I guess I have to try it out Again… together with the switch from Hassbian (:cry:) to Hassio

Lol. Why are people so concerned with switching from hassbian lately? Just because it isn’t supported any more doesn’t mean it won’t continue to work. Hassbian is just Raspbian with home assistant setup in python venv…

Ok. You can easily switch it back.

But there will be no more updates for Hassbian then I guess or will it still be possible to update it some how?

It’s still update able from the python venv it’s running under.

Do you know if there is a good guide on how to create this virtual envirement in raspian and install Hassbian afterwards?

Your question doesn’t make any sense.

Hassbian is Raspbian with Home Assistant already in python virtual environment.

It’s just this already done for you:

So you have no need to install Hassbian after you have that running…it’s the same thing.

I see :slight_smile:
So basically I have to install Rasbian and then follow the guide above.

I just installed Rasbian Buster Lite on a new SD Card. I see that the size of the installation is nearly 63Gb!! Can this be true?

That’s not the size of the OS install. Not sure where you see that or how you think that.

I just see the file size of the image when making a backup with Win32Diskimager in windows

You’re making a direct copy of the entire sdcard…you’re not backing up just the OS.

When the OS boots, it should expand to fill the sdcard so you have storage space available on it in the OS.

You can’t get an accurate portrayal of OS size in that manner.