Group Thermostats

Could we get thermostat groups? I have 2 ACs and I want to change and control both at the same time.

That would be very nice.

Why not use the search function instead of reposting your old WTH?

Duplicate FR with HACS solution
Climate Groups Custom Integration

Oh, I forgot about that, but I’m not talking about using yaml here and there, it would be very interesting to do that in the UI.

But thanks.

You have the solution, now you want more.

Yes, I want more, I want this project to become even more and better, so that it becomes so easy to use that my wife who has no computer knowledge at all can group thermostats and so on, so yes, I want this project to go in a good direction and not just developers first.

It’s an easy one off setting. Why would anyone have to do it once you set it up?

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Maybe one of them will brake one day? Then it will be easy to change.

Your wife is not going to change HA configs even thru the ui, you know it, I know it, all others in the thread know it. If it breaks for some unlikely reason, fix your YAML.


That’s the mentality that makes this community Fail.


Closing as a duplicate. Please vote and comment at the linked FR above.