group.X deprecated and how to solve it in lovelace?

hi all,

i am struggling to get the below functionality done on the latest version.
groups have been used a lot in my config and i understand in the backend everything works, but how do i get this configured in lovelace? one workaround is the entities card and add any desired “group” manually, but that doesn´t scale well…

any ideas?


I still refer to this PSA all the time

Groups aren’t deprecated. Just the auto generated group.all_* is.

You can manually create these groups in your config if you want and all things will work as they did in the frontend. Except now, you’ll have to add new entities to these groups as you create more.

ok, that is what i thought. first time i totally can´t follow the idea behind a breaking change at all. for any given switch, light, cover, automation etc. i now need to go into my groups file and manually maintain the objects…:sob:

If you want to read up on it, here ya go!

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damn, seems i am a little late in the discussion :smiley:

Wouldn’t have mattered. It was done for performance reasons and there’s tools to get the groups back. That’s a recipe for removal.

And you should mention, that you made an extension / appdaemon app to exactly do that:

Thanks btw. :smiley:

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