Grouping cards in the dashboard - with a graphical user interface

I have searched for equivalent feature request, but found none…

Many users are using HACS vertical-stack-in card and stack-in card to create custom cards that “fuse” two or more cards into one.

It would be very interesting to have in HA core cards with one of the two solutions below:

  • an integrated equivalent of those HACS cards, allowing to “fuse” several cards into one single card with a title, and for the less advanced user, with the graphic user interface working same as the grid, horizontal or vertical stack cards available in the core.


  • an update of the current core cards: grid, horizontal, vertical stack cards currently available in HA core allowing either:
    to fuse the content inside into one single card (thus suppressing borders and fusing backgrounds of the cards inside)
    to “frame” those cards with a customisable border and a customisable background.

While of course keeping the UI working for the basic users who are not YAML enthusiasts.

For reason I do not know, when using HACS vertical_stack_in_card in the vertical mode, the UI is still working. As soon as I go into horizontal stacking mode, the UI doesn’t work anymore and it is full YAML.

I think such a stacking or grouping possibility would be very useful in the core to allow a better maintainability of the card and not rely on HACS for such a basic card grouping.

Section can be a trick for this… But not fully satisfactory…

While sections can allow to have a consistent grouping of some cards, they are lacking the following:

  • no framing or common background to visually “blend” the content into one cards.
  • section are automatically 4 “grid unit” wide, thus can not allow te create smaller cards.