Grouping Devices entities

Hi Guys,
noob here.
kitchen 1

How do I make it efficient and club the two things to call it one single name instead the way its shown in the UI
Kitchen Sensors = both sensors that are in the kitchen.
Counter lights = Both plugs in the kitchen.

I did google but did not understand, its all overwhelming. Thank you.

For the switches a group is all you need.

For sensors it entirely depends on what those are and what you want, but you can make a template sensor do what you want.

Those are motion sensors, so i have two motion sensors in the Kitchen and want them to be shown and addressed as a single Motion sensor. How do i achieve that with a template? Thanks.

Something like:

  - platform: template
        device_class: motion
        value_template: "{{ is_state('binary_sensor.motion1', 'on') or is_state('binary_sensor.motion2', 'on') }}"
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Thank you so much, this goes into the configuration.yaml?

kitchen 1
So adding this code will gives me a single icon on the top instead of two?
I want Just Kitchen rather than Kitchen 1 and Kitchen 2., Both are motion sensors.


No, it will give you a third one.
But you can remove the first two if you edit your Lovelace config.