Grouping Entities which have a custom ID - Plex


I would like to use the plex component option:

use_custom_entity_ids (Optional): Name Entity ID’s by client ID’s instead of friendly names. Defaults to false. HA assigns entity ID’s on a first come first serve basis. When you have identically named devices connecting (ex. media_player.plex_web_safari, media_player.plex_web_safari2), you can’t reliably distinguish and or predict which device is which. This option avoids this issue by using unique client ID’s (ex. media_player.dy4hdna2drhn).

my only issue, is that I have made a custom view\group for plex, and the only way I could figure out how to do it was the following:


name: Plex Streams
- sensor.plex
- media_player.chrome_2
- media_player.chrome_3
- media_player.chrome_4
- media_player.chrome_5
- media_player.chrome_6
- media_player.chrome_7
- media_player.chrome_8
- media_player.chrome_9
- media_player.plex_chrome
- media_player.plex_chrome_2
- media_player.plex_chrome_3
- media_player.plex_chrome_4
- media_player.plex_chrome_5
- media_player.plex_chrome_6
- media_player.plex_chrome_7
- media_player.plex_chrome_8
- media_player.plex_chrome_9

Occasionaly I get errors because the same ID is generated, and I want to switch to using unique ID’s but i think I will loose the ability to put plex in a custom view if i do. Does anyone know of a solution to this?

you wont lose the ability, just use the new names in your groups.

edit: example, if you name them bruce, thomas, and martha, then your group would be…


name: Plex Streams
- sensor.plex
- media_player.bruce
- media_player.thomas
- media_player.martha