Grouping items found in discovery on another page

Hi! I’m a HA newbie and have little experience with it, so please be kind :wink:

I have several Squeezeboxes and chromecasts that are listed after discovery is finished scanning, 15 items total. They are presented on one page, and are just “clutter” with other switches and other sensors.

I have seen others making a list over “known devices”, but that just remove the beauty of the discovery-function.

Are there a simple way to make some of the items from discovery, group on another page? (For instance squeezeboxes)

look here for information on groups:

I did not find any answer in the groups regarding entities that are discovered.

All the media-player.xxxx entities are not grouped in other than group.all_devices and then you need some kind of filter to just get the media_player units.

I have grouped alot of “static” stuff, but media_players are dynamic in my house.

I think the media players names will remain the same so after they are discovered they should be available in the states table and you can copy the names into a group just as with static sensors or other devices.

My chromecast name stays the same all the time.

Just group it like any other entity. I have all my media players (Chromecast and echo dots) all grouped in their own view. Works just fine.