Grouping multiple ZWave devices into a single "object"

Greeting, HA Community-

I relative N00b to HA – I promise I really did RTFM (in fact, a whole lot of reading) about my particular situation / use case. I found that, like many things, there are many ways to accomplish this, within different layers of the stack. I tried to dabble with some low-level stuff within the ZWave integration - and if anything, am worried I might have mucked things up there.

I’ve reviewed a variety of forum threads about ZWave Groups - and I assume that the solution is specific to the integration in use. My current HA gateway is running the Core container on a Balena Fin running the legacy (deprecated) ZWave integration. My goal is to get to Z-Wave JS – but I think I’ve got some more Balena learning to do in order to add the required JS2MQTT container needed in order to enable the Z-Wave JS integration (I think). So much surface area – I’ve a deep appreciation for the fact that I’m just scratching the surface in my understanding, and appreciate any #ProTips, RTFM links, or 2x4 to the head to help me gain additional insight.

The short version of my question: If everything were installed and operating as desired with the latest builds of available components – what would be the ‘preferred’ / optimal way of grouping 3 devices (in my case, ZWave LED Light Bulbs installed in a single fixture) into a single ‘object’ (device, group, etc). Something at the ZWave level, or an automation, or Association, or ? In my previous SmartThings deployment, I used a custom ‘device handler’ to have 2 of the 3 bulbs ‘mirror’ the first. It wasn’t ideal, from a UX perspective - but it got the job done and achieved WAF. What I’ve got going on now is only causing me grief. :smiley:


Here are the 3 devices I’d like to control as a single ‘object’:

Yes, the word “deprecated” jumps out at me, as well. In parallel, I’m exploring how I can migrate my current Balena-deployed configuration to a more ‘vanilla’ HomeAssistantOS architecture to make my way a little closer to ‘mainstream’. :slight_smile: