Grouping Trigger

I would like to have a way to group triggers for clarity of automations

An automation can have multiple triggers so the concept of “grouping” them is unclear. Provide an example of what you want.

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I control my blinds in an automation. The trigger is a time pattern over several hours. Automation is then triggered in a different direction at a later time. And so forth. The opening of the blinds is also controlled via timer. The automation is then completed using various actions (weather, sun, cleaning mode, etc.). I don’t want to split up the automations, otherwise my automation list will overflow. For this reason, I would like to be able to group individual triggers under a trigger ID in the automation overview, for example. It should just be a visual grouping.

You want multiple triggers, that have the same value of id, to be shown grouped together in the Automation Editor?

Correct. In this way, automations could be kept clear.