Groups and individual bulb colours in groups

Hi I am a bit new to this but have a system installed in a club 6 Tbulbs , 28 Zbulbs , 13 projectors .

  1. How do I create a default setting as in light colours , I have done this am happy with it and appears on power up as the staff do not use the app . How can I keep this in the system as I now have programmed in some groups .
  2. As in 1 Have and all white group , 1 Z Bulbs . 1 Tulbs when I use this I cannot default back to my default colours .
  3. How does one assing individual colours to Bulbs in a group , does a Scene have to be created .

Sorry know it is easy peasy to some but once I know all will be good .
4. I also want to creat a party Groups for the above so imagine this will involve scene intergration and automation .
PS The Installer is not really interested in anything out of the norm. .
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