Groups (created in Alexa) Not Working/Devices Unresponsive until used


I’ve got a bunch of ESPHome-based lights working well with HA. I’ve also followed the official guide to setting up Alexa integration (here).

I thought everything was going well. I’ve got a couple of wall-lights (imaginatively named Wall Light 1 and Wall Light 2. If I ask Alexa to turn these on and off, it works great.

I’ve created a group in the Alexa app called “Wall Lights” and added both devices. Trying to turn this group on or off via a voice command Turn Off Wall Lights gives a Wall Lights is not responding response. In the app, both devices show as unresponsive inside the group.

However, if I say Turn on Wall Light 1 or 2, they work fine. They also show as “unresponsive” in the All Devices section of the app, but come back when operated via the app (then go ‘unavailable’ again a moment or two afterwards).

Any idea how to fix this? It seems that Alexa thinks the devices are unresponsive until it tries to use them, and this behaviour is breaking groups.

All advice appreciated!