Groups in groups.yaml duplicated with "_2" at the end

Hi all,

i have a strange problem. I created a groups.yaml file to define a set of groups. All works nicely but now I have all groups duplicated with a “_2” at the end.

I tried to add a unique_id to each group in order to delete the additional ones in the front-end. But I cannot add unique_id to the groups.yaml file. System says it is a property that is not allowed (“invalid config for [group]: [unique_id] is an invalid option for [group]. Check: group->group->lichter_og->unique_id.” )

This is my groups.yaml file

    name: Familie
    - person.bettina
    - person.werner
    name: Lichter EG
    - light.ganglicht_eg
    - light.licht_arbeitsplatte
    - light.licht_deko
    - light.licht_fernsehzimmer
    - light.licht_flamingo
    - light.licht_garage

Everything works just wondering if I can get rid of these additional useless groups that just duplicate the used ones…

Thanks for help


Seems that you have already created a a while ago. Search through your system (configuration.yaml, UI helpers, packages).

Thanks for your thought. Did already, problem is that all groups are duplicated from my groups.yaml. So I guess it has something to do with how the files are processed. And I cannot create a unique_id to delete the duplicates through the UI.