Groups - new vs old?

I notice the “groups” documentation now says not to use the old style.

The new way looks interesting but I am having a hard time figuring out what the correct options would be to do what I used to do in some cases.

How would something like this (to easily let me enable/disable all the related automatons) work in the new style? I don’t see anything that looks appropriate.

    name: "Kitchen Lamp Timers"
      - automation.kitchen_lamp_timers_on_weekday_morning
      - automation.kitchen_lamp_timers_off_weekday_morning
      - automation.kitchen_lamp_timers_on_cloudy_evening
      - automation.kitchen_lamp_timers_on_evening
      - automation.kitchen_lamp_timers_off_night

I don’t see an “automation” type group for the new groups?

Yup. There is no new option for that.

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Ok, fair enough. Doesn’t sound like the old way will be deprecated so I’ll keep using that then. Thanks.

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