Groups of binary sensors not updating it's state

I am relatively new to Home Assistant and can use some guidance.


Wireless switch on my dustcollector when my woodworking devices are switched on.


Binary sensor(s)

I have a few binary sensors indicating if a device is switched on or not. The binary sensors come from ESPHome devices and turn On when the connected device draws a current (using coil and transistor to create TTL true or false).

  - platform: gpio
    pin: GPIO14
    name: ${upper_devicename} jointer/planer


I have created a group and want to use this to power on my dustcollector when any of the woodworking devices in this group is turned on.

  name: Dustcollector clients
    - binary_sensor.a3_31_jointer_planer
    - binary_sensor.b3_winner_saw
    - binary_sensor.b3_winner_shaper


  1. The binary_sensors appear and flip state when connected to ground (Off) or VCC (On).
  2. The group appears in Home Assistant and contains the binary sensors and their state flips correctly


The group state seems not to follow the state of the binary sensors. If any of them, or all are turned on, the state of the group is still off and the switch of the group can be operated independently to On and Off.

Am I doing something wrong?
Am I missing some vital part?

You don’t happen to also have a binary_sensor.dustcollector_clients, do you (should just be a group.dustcollector_clients)? Also, you don’t have all: true in your group config, do you?

Otherwise, the yaml you posted seems OK. When I try to toggle any of my groups of binary_sensors (they’re all working properly), I get a toast pop up error message saying the service call failed (because of course, you can’t toggle binary sensors).

No binary_sensor, only the group

No, configuration of group is as posted and switching all of them on also does not switch on the group as stated: