Groups of entities in Node Red and Home Assistant


i am a newbie in HA and i would like to ask about groups.
Simplest task - to group 3 binary sensors in group and then check every sensor state in Node Red at once (with one node)?
Of course i can do something like this

but then i get “updater” that i do not need or if i need to get states only from 2 sensors…

Thanks a lot!

I think like most automation platforms Node-Red is event driven. So I’d make three event: state nodes that look at each sensor individually then check if your condition is met with a current state node or a chain of multiple.
Those events: state nodes only work when the entity monitored changes state. An event.

If you leave it as substring there an undocumented feature, maybe it’s documented, where you can use a comma delimited list of entity ids.

Its documented both in the help side panel for this node directly in NodeRed and the palletes help.

Yeah, I couldn’t remember if I had added it to documentation or not. It wasn’t there for the longest time.

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