Groups removed(?) from 0.107


According to 0.107: Multiple Lovelace Dashboards, adds helpers, new media player card - Home Assistant

Groups - Groups are NOT being removed, but the configuration options, services, and service options related to the (previously deprecated and now removed) States UI are now removed in this release.

I used to have a group of people where was check the state if this group is On/Off and according to this automation was initiated.


  name: People
  icon: mdi:human-male-female
    - input_boolean.personA_present
    - input_boolean.personB_present
    - binary_sensor.dt_router_personA
    - binary_sensor.dt_router_personB

Could you please explain how to use it in 0.107 version? Should I check manually all of these entities in my automation?

I used to have:

{% if trigger.to_state.state == “on” and trigger.entity_id == “group.group_people” %}

Should I use this instead:

{% if trigger.to_state.state == “on” and (trigger.entity_id == “input_boolean.personA_present” or trigger.entity_id == “input_boolean.personB_present” or trigger.entity_id == “binary_sensor.dt_router_personA” or trigger.entity_id == “binary_sensor.dt_router_personB”) %}


Screenshot 2020-03-23 at 08.50.24

Thank you for explanation.

I’m using group as well without any problem (0.107.4)

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The reason your group trigger isn’t working is because the ‘group’ component didn’t load at boot. Check your code in groups.yaml for any deprecated code such as 'view: true ', ‘hide_if_away’ or ‘control: true’ (something like those) and remove those lines.

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You’re right. I was using some view configurations. I did some cleanup because I had some legacy stuff regarding organization of UI there before LovelanceUI was as a default one.
Thank you.