Groups view not updating - even when groups.yaml cleared !?!


I’ve been working on updating my groups.yaml with views, but now no matter what I do the view seems to be stuck, even if I completely clear/empty the groups.yaml file the current config remains?

How is that even possible, no amount of reloads or full-restarts make it change nor will restoring the view/groups back to the original default (by clearing the contents of groups.yaml) ?

What am I missing ?

What version of HA are you on?
The latest versions of HA use Lovelace, not groups to display the front end UI
Easiest way to check what is being used is to click on the image icon.
If you see this, you’re using lovelace:


I’m running version 89.1, and running states (not Lovelace)

It’s weird ; it’s as if the groups view has been cached somehow , I can’t do anything to it, even deleting the entire contents of groups.yaml did nothing - I assumed that would return me to the default view - but no the view remained !?

There does not seem to be any errors in the logs to help with any troubleshooting. If it’s helps the attached screenshot shows the view I seem to be stuck with ??.


Going over everything again. I’m embarrassed to say it does look like the issue is caused by the States vs Lovelace switch. For some reason when Lovelace is selected, the UI will show an old ‘groups/states view’, and then when switching back to States, it looks like it picks up the latest content in my groups.yaml file?

So somehow I must have accidentally made the switch, but because the views were almost the same, it gave me the impression that my view/group updates were not working.

Does anyone know why Lovelace chooses to show an older states view (that still functions btw) when it’s switched on ?

Is that expected behaviour ?
Any ideas?

It’s expected behaviour… if you don’t take control in Lovelace it uses an auto-generated mode that reads the groups.yaml.

Thanks @DavidFW1960

And by the looks of it , it must only read it once, as any subsequent changes I’d made to the groups.yaml file were not being updated in the UI. Hence the initial confusion and this post :-(:cry: