Groups view not updating

I have updated my groups.yaml with a new switch. When I reboot this switch is not showing up.
I am on the most current version of HA (0.101.1) and running on a RPi.

What am I missing? I did find another post about the states UI. I did find that and when I click on it the groups look like I want.

Do I have something set incorrectly?

Just realized that HA uses Lovelace as the UI. Didn’t know that I had accidentally set it up and have been using it. Now I need to lean how to customize it.

Now that HA uses Lovelace, is the file groups.yaml needed? Do I need to continue to update it?

It’s not needed for lovelace views but if you have other groups that you use elsewhere (automation, etc) then it’s still needed for that stuff.