Groups yaml: default_view not obeying config after upgrade from 0.41.x to 0.42.3

After I upgraded from the final 0.41 version to 0.42.3 I see a problem: my default_view now contains every group and sensor - including the group that was the default view previously (named Home)
It’s as if the entities list for the default_view group is being ignored/overridden.
As a test I split out the original entities from the default_view into a new view group, which is being displayed correctly.
Anyone else seen this?
I am going to try a clean DB and see if that helps, but don’t see why it should…

Clearing DB did not resolve it.
Was there a change in the way HASS handles groups/views in 0.43?

The only thing I can remember seeing in PRs was this:

Thanks - that was it!
Previously default_view was inherently a view.

Now, if view: yes is not added, IMO it behaves strangely as it is still behaving like a view.

Added bonus. Adding view: true now also makes default view use the icon, which is something I voted for.

Happy! :slight_smile: