Growatt Integration Overview

With the official Growatt integration being broken, I was looking into the available alternatives and found it a bit overwhelming at first. So I tried to break down all the available options, their advantages and disadvantages and how they relate to each other. And finally I described which of them I picked for my setup and how to configure it. I hope it helps.

Please note that I am far from an expert on all this, so I might not be able to answer any questions you have, but ask away anyway and maybe other’s can chime in to clarify.

Please don’t post blog links in the Community guides section. If you read the category description you will see that community guides operate like a wiki. And we can’t edit your blog when it becomes out of date.

Oh sorry, I didn’t see that. Thanks for moving the post!

Hi Andreas, thanks for the write down. For me it wasn’t clear how to go ahead with Grott but now with your explanation I’m going the same road you have done. With the addon.

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Andreas - thank you so much for taking the time to write down a consolidation piece for a topic that had become very confusing. You presented in such a clear way, it really really helped.

Unfortunately I’m still getting something wrong, or Growatt have done something which stops me moving foward. If anyone has any suggestions I’d be very grateful.

I have SPH5000 and MIN 2500 TL-X plus batteries. I’ve followed Andreas with following actions but without success:

  1. Removed old Growatt Core Integration
  2. Installed GROTT addon (2.7 current stable), configured and have it running.
  3. I’m hitting a brick wall trying to reconfigure either of my Dataloggers (a ShineWifi-X stick and a ShineWifi-S) to successfully start sending data to Homeassistant.
    Method A (put dataloggers into AP mode (succeed), log on to AP (succeed) find datalogger web page at (fail - no web page found there, but IP address confirmed)
    Method B use growatt server to reconfigure the dataloggers. Took a while before finding ‘All Devices’ arrow in the My Photovoltaic Devices section which allows access to Datalogger Setting panel. I set IP to my homeassistant IP address, left Domain empty, and set port to 5279. It seems like which ever parameter has the radio button selected when you click the Yes (save) button is the param that is saved. Saving those and waiting for Homeassistant Grott Log to show any incoming data produced no results. Other options in the Datalogger Setting panel are ‘Update Datalogger’ (appears to be firmware update), Restart Datalogger (appears to wipe out the IP and port custom values back to blank) and ‘Clear Data Logger Log’ which I’ve not tried.
    Method C find dataloggers on your home network and browse to the Growatt Shinelink/X Setting Center at that internal IP address (fail - I can only find external 213.x.x.x addresses for both dataloggers, and despite trawling through Fing addresses for my network and pointing browser at any possible contenders, I have not found these Shinelink Setting Centre pages anywhere.

I managed to confirm my issue was not a communication problem with Grott on port 5279 by using putty to attempt to open a connection with the IP address and that port, which produces an entry in the Grott log “Growatt packet received” but invalid data record, understandably.

I cannot seem to find a way to configure either of my data loggers to point to Grott… does anyone have any suggestions please?

Did you solve the problem described above? Or did you change to different approach?
I own a Growatt 2500 XH Min which seems to be a bit newer and is maybe not supported by the stable branch of grott? I did order the ShineLAN-X stick, but didn’t tried it yet.

[update] it is working now, I found the parameter to be changed in the web frontend and could point the IP to HA. I’ve installed grott 2.8 beta and it is working, still passing to the cloud…
However, I think I change to a local approach, either by ESPHome or Modbus to TCP/IP.