Growatt Inverter - What to do now?

There a numerous (cross)post about Growatt inergration (mostly about not working), but I can’t really find an answer, so here it is:

I’ve been using the Growatt integration(s) for quit a long time now, all with their ups and downs. Today I’ve updated HA and noticed the entities don’t show up any more. I know there are some issues regarding IP-bans from Growatt, but i’d really like to continue to monitor it from the Energy dashboard.

Here where the confusion kicks in. These are my options:

  • Growatt Server (built-in)
  • Growat Server Api (muppet3000) - was using this one
  • Grott (built-in by johanmeijer)
  • Grott Home Assistant Custom Component (muppet3000)
  • Grott Home Assistant with native MQTT integration (egguy)

And perhaps more. But which one to use and are there users out there who can tell if one is better than the other or easy to set up?

muppet3000 had its original integration via the growatt server but this became unreliable
so he based his integration on grott of johanmeier, you could say it is an extention
And there are others who have their own forks/adaptations.
My suggestion is to start with muppet as this generates the sensors wihtout the need to create them via mqtt yaml
muppet3000/homeassistant-grott: Home Assistant Integration for Grott - MQTT (
I have muppeet.Chris’ stuff running in parallel on top of grott as I am still not fining time to compare :frowning: but both seem OK

Hi. I’m also wondering the same thing but I’m going to try egguys version. Does anyone have experience using that one?

I can’t seem to figure out how to configure it. I’ve added the extension and routed the IP in the logger to my HA-instance, but after that? Can someone advise me how to proceed.


I have no experience as using the docker version but if grott (!) is properly setup then you should see the data in MQTT, from what I guess (!!?), the add-on provides a grott environment to get the dat in MQTT and other functionaltiy to create the sensors in HA, based on the MQTT data…so start with MQTT