Growatt RS485 to ETH

Hi, I’m trying to read info from my Growatt MID 17KTL3-XL with RS485 to Ethernet Converter RS485 to Ethernet Converter, EU head ( but I’m not getting any info from the Inverter. I also tried 9600 in the Baud Rate no difference

I am connected via COM port pin 3 and 4

And configured the converter in the following way.

I also have ShineWifi-X connected for logging to App
Does anyone have any tips on what has been done wrong or can be tested?

Not sure why you posted in ESPHome section as it’s not related with ESPHome !
Did you get the serial protocol of the device you try to control ?
What wiring did you do between the device you want to control and the RS/Ethernet adapter ?

You’re not getting info where?
You don’t mention the HA part of your setup…

You are not getting anything if you don’t ask anything.
Your inverter uses probably modbus rtu. Do you have protocol data sheet?

90% it’s a tx/rx mix-up…

Hi I did connect the A+ to pin 3 and B- to pin 4

Your connection looks ok. But your inverter is not going to output anything if you don’t make specific requests.
I suggest you to read some basic tutorial how modbus rtu works. After you understand that, you are able to ask questions and we can help.