Grundfos Well Controller

I am working with a Grundfos well pump that uses a CU301 controller. I am attempting to integrate it into Home Assistant with ESPHome. I would like it to have its typical functions accessible with the interface plugged in normally so all of the buttons and LEDs work if the ESP were to be offline.

Emulating the buttons is simple with a 200ms GPIO button output. However, due to the design of the circuit, the LEDs are posing a challenge. The LEDs use a common 10v DC+ line and switch the ground to illuminate. I’m wondering if anyone has an idea of how to integrate this so that a GPIO circuit can read the status of the LEDs. I have considered having the ESP board act as an LED controller, taking the inputs and controlling the LEDs separately, but this means that if the ESP stops working, I need to rewire the controller to allow for local control again.

I have attached a photo of the circuit board, if that helps. To the header, I have temporarily attached some wires for testing.

Thanks in advance!

I am also interested in this. Do you have any progress? How about using optocoupler (PC817)?

I found these articles regarding reading LED status: