GS-WDS07 433MHz Door/Window Sensor really short range?

I’ve just bought a new GS-WDS07 433MHz Door/Window Sensor for use with a Sonoff RF Bridge (flashed with Tasmota). It works fine when the sensor is about 3 feet away from the Bridge, but when it’s the other side of a wall (2 meters away) the bridge doesn’t detect it.
Are these sensors known to have a very short range?

According to this, >25m

Hmmm…that’s strange…I’ve checked the battery in the sensor and it’s fine. It looks as if the range is much better if I position the sensor elsewhere (i.e. away from the front door). I’m wondering if there might be an interference issue - there’s an Ezviz DB1C video doorbell on the front door, and a Eufi floodlight security camera next to it.
Could either of these cause interference with the 433Mhz signal from the sensor?

Your frond door may have some metal in it weakening the sensor signal also.

Actually I was holding the sensor in my hand, standing next to the front door. So no metal between the sensor and the RF bridge

Is it the only sensor that you use with your bridge ?
You may try to optimize the bridge position also.

Thanks yes I have found a new location for the RF bridge and it is now within range of both the door sensor and the PIR detector on the floor above. It can’t detect an Energenie 433MHz remote on the 2nd floor though, so I’m thinking I’ll need to buy a 2nd 433Mhz bridge to provide the coverage that I need.

Not sure if I should post new thread or just hop on this one.

Does anyone have these and have an issue that only the open status gets pushed along?? The closed status seems to be very hit or miss.

I have a similar but slightly different issue: I find that if I open the door then close it within a few seconds I get the closed status, but not the open status.

interesting. What do you use for a gateway? I have the sonoff RF Bridge. The console always shows the open, but not always the close.

Yes I also use the Sonoff RF Bridge (with Tasmota). Same for me - I monitor the console