GTFS stopped working

I’ve had GTFS configured for several bus routes, luckily the city povides a valid databse. Zipped database is 41M (unzipped 4.7G) It was woking just fine, and some time ago, all routes changed to “Unknown”. The only mention i can find in the logs is

 WARNING (MainThread) [homeassistant.components.sensor] Updating gtfs sensor took longer than the scheduled update interval 0:00:30`.

How do i troubleshoot this? Could it be that there is no longer enough disk space to unpack the databse? I can’t imagine what else has changed in past couple of months.

Hi, I am trying to revamp this thing as it s buggy (or: providers differ too often),are you ok to send me your details zip/start/stop? You can do so in separate PM if needed