GU10 zigbee lightbulbs recomendation

hey everyone

i have recently been trying to look for some good cheap zigbee gu10 lightbulbs that connect to zigbee2mqtt but I’m having some trouble i was wondering if anyone had any recommendations especially for warm to cool while (rgb is recommended but not totally necessary)

Not sure what kind of fixture you are using, but for my case I had trouble finding lights that weren’t the spot or can light shape. I have a ceiling fan I wanted to replace the bulbs in and found that cheap adapters let me use a ‘normal’ E26 or E12 light that have a lot more options. Barely fit though!

just using a fixture for a gu10 bulb just trying to find a bulb to hook to zigbee2mqtt that has a nice variety of exposes

Ikea works for me, but a recommendation is also dependent on which country you live in.

Have you looked at the bulbs by

Ikea has two GU10 bulbs that work well via standard Zigbee. Cheap too.

I had some Ledvance (Osram) GU10 RGBW bulbs and they worked fine apart from the early ones (2018) showed purple instead of blue (UK). Not cheap though.

I now use Athom wifi ones as they were cheaper and work great