Guard route


I want to create a Guard tour system by using QR CODE or NFC tags at several points on the site and create a route for the guard in which he has to go through all the points in a certain order.
I want to receive a message on the dashboard when the tour has started, and an additional marking at each point, if a point is skipped, I want to receive a notification. And if the tour ended as expected, receive a message that will be saved in the logbook/dashboard.

I would love to get ideas on how to implement this.

I’m not talking about cameras…
I want to place QR CODE tags at several points in a large complex and I want the guard to go on a tour at certain times and pass the points marked on the route. This will be done by scanning the code using his phone ( HA app), I want to display on the dashboard the information from the tour.

You could set each tag as a trigger for a Trigger-based template sensor. You can use the sensor’s attributes to store a history that includes multiple data points like the tag id/location, time, user id, etc.

Thank You! it’s a really nice way to store the information. I also need to show it on the dashboard and get a message if the patrol ended successfully or if the guard has been skipped any point

Markdown card is a pretty flexible platform that can handle templates in the frontend.

You will need to set up a method to store the tag id/locations in order. It could be an Input text helper or another Template sensor. And you would need a way for the person to indicate that they have finished their round, so you have something to trigger the check on. The check itself can also be handled with templating inside the automation, but the exact method will depend on which storage method you choose and exactly what you want the output to be.

For a longer term/backup record you may want to consider pushing the results to Google sheets.