Guest Mode with some flexibility

EDIT: ooops…. no wonder @anon34565116 had no idea what this does, I made a complete mess of putting this on GitHub. There are two yaml files and I manged to put one of them up twice. It’s corrected now and should make a bit more sense…

I would like to share my implementation of a Guest Mode. It is nothing especially clever but in the past I have been inspired by many projects here that also weren’t especially clever so it is just my attempt at giving something back.

Anyway, it is here,

and here is how it looks.







What does this do? I am unsure.

Ultimately all it does is set a binary_sensor to on or off :slight_smile:

A more useful answer:
It allows you to turn on a timer to indicate that a guest is in the house who will not be detected by any presence detection you have set up. It also allows you to have recurring scheduled times.

That’s it really, but it is more functional than I have seen in other implementations of this idea and I am pleased with the interface (which is of course built using other peoples excellent custom cards) but if you don’t use presence detection or have no need for your house to know when guests are in, then it won’t be interesting to you.

For example in the above screenshots, if we all go out when the cleaner is in, the house knows, so doesn’t set the alarm.

EDIT: And the timers survive a restart.


do you have an example how you set it up in lovelace too?

I’ve added some code to the GitHub.
It is not a complete Lovelace view but should be enough for you to include it in yours if you choose to.

Thanks - I will give it a go…