Guest Mode!

I just uploaded a video on something I’ve done in Home Assistant, which I’ve called Guest Mode!

Guest Mode is a simple Toggle helper that alters the behaviour of some of my automations.

I also have an Overnight stay option, which will adjust the hot water settings to ensure there is ample hot water for ourselves and our guests.

Do you have something similar? What adjustments do you make for guests?

You can watch the full video on YouTube -


I have something a little similar implemented in my mum’s house. She’s on her own and has a massive boiler, so by default it only runs in the off-peak time between 9am and 4pm and she has heaps of hot water.

Occasionally, however, family comes to town and the number of adults in the house swells to 5 or 6. She was worried that there might not be enough hot water for the morning showers. The solution is that I gave her a button on her dashboard that tells the system guests are present and the HWS should come on at 6am instead of 9am. There is another button which forces the HWS to run for 2 hours regardless of the time.

Thatnks for your video - it has given me some ideas for other things I might do with this “guest mode”.