Guest network with different ip addresses

Hi! This is my situation in short:

  • ground floor with the main modem and 2 wifi ssid (home and guest). The ip from the home network are 192.168.1.x while the guest’s are 192.168.5.x
  • first floor with a router connected with the main modem in access point mode. This router also have home and guest ssids, but the ip are all 192.168.1.x

Right now on the first floor i have a shelly plus 2pm with ip, that i see in home assistant and works just fine.
The problem are the 2 A/C on the first floor and the one on the ground floor, because they all have ip 192.168.5.x

Is there a way to let them be discovered by home assistant?

Doesn’t sound like it…if it would be in AP mode, it would just use one DHCP server, and all be in the same range.
Your situation sound more like a router behind a router (double NAT) :thinking:

On the other hands, you said main router has 2 ssid’s, so they both must have their own vlan’s :thinking:
Might be tricky to route that through the next ap, as both vlans must be configured in the 2nd router and be associated with their designated said.
Have you tried making a dhcp reservation for mac’s that should be in 5 range?

I think discovery will be challenging across VLAN’s, but have you tried manually adding a Shelly using the IP address? So long as you have a path to the .5 network and a path from .5 back to .1 and the default gateway is set properly on both then you should be OK.

the first floor router, a Mercusys MR80X, calls it Access Point Mode.

Both modem and router have two ssid’s (home and guest)

The shelly, with static ip setted via shelly app, is working fine. The problem is with the A/C

can you ping the AC when on one of the Mercusys networks?

The guide isn’t clear as to whether AP mode is bridging or routing to the other network.

no, i can’t

I guess you have some way to router between the two network, so you need a helper setup on your router for the different types of discovery protocols, especially mDNS.
I do not know if cheap routers provide this feature, but my Ubiquiti EdgeRouter and Cisco do.

It should be possible to also add devices with the IP address only to skip auto discovery