Guest Override Automations?

All my window shutters in my house are automated using covers with a schedule of when to open partially in the morning to let in a little light then completely open some minutes later. I have a guest room that I would like to set something up where a guest can override the time this occurs for the days they are there. Is there any way to easily accomplish this?

I have the same problem and i solved it in 2 ways:

  1. Using the Scheduler component and card. I removed the guest room shutter from the shutters group and made a separate automation for it. I use switches for the schedules, whenever a guest comes for stay; i simply switch off this schedule from the scheduler card. That means it will only be opened manually. You can use automation enable/disable switches for that.

  2. You can also use Limited guest access addon and give the guests their own control.

I was hoping to also be able to let the guest input the time to open instead of it just being manual. I could probably accomplish this with something like a google calendar and tagging events but it seems I can’t add a new trigger event that is a dynamic time.