GUI Automation to Set Temperature of Thermostat

Don’t know if this is a feature request, a bug report or just a rant. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’ve been using HASSIO for a couple of years. My system is simple with just a few devices and runs pretty stable without having to tinker with it at all. Since I don’t have to dig into the system often, it doesn’t take long for me to forget everything I learned the last time. LOL!

I do have one concern, and this would seem to be a major hurdle for newbies. Using only the GUI, how would I set the temperature on my thermostat to a specific temperature at a set time every day?

BEFORE YOU ANSWER: Pretend you don’t know anything and restrict yourself to only what’s self-evident on the GUI and what you find on the Docs page for Automation Actions.