GUI broken

My GUI is broken on lovelace. If I want to edit my view I have the grey area way too big - it covers part of the GUI. Second issue is the missing numbers of cards in the card edit - I can only edit the first card of the card in the GUI - see the screenshots. I don’t know when it happened as I don’t edit it too often, but it was present in 2024…4.x and it is present in 2024.5.x. I tried delete cache of browser and even different browser with different theme. Still the same. Anyone seen this?

For a moment after an update to 2024.5.2 it was fixed but now it is back to be broken.

Problem is not just on the new type of layout but even on completely new dashboard with classic layout.

Try to use an incognito/private/inprivate tab to view the page.
If that works then you need to clear you browser cache and make sure you get all files.

it works in incognito, I deleted all the cache and it works. Thank you!

Weird thing though - it is broken also in the Companion app.

Companion APP is using Google Webview, which is sort of a browser to implement into an app.
No idea how to delete the cache in that though.

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Thanks, the problem is back in browser too. I am not sure what is happening :frowning:

Just trying to bring attention to this post as I don’t know what is happening with my GUI.