GUI configurator

Hi guys!

I am totally new to HA but I will build the maddafakka automation from hell. Just need to get past the first obstacles.

So this will be a small thing for you guys but I cannot start the Configuration GUI. I press the start button but nothing happens. Not in the log either. Probably a rookie misstake.

Any idea how to get past this issue?

Edit: I am using

Thanks guys!

Which browser are you using. The newer versions 59.1 and 60 would not display everything under internet explorer. I opened hassio.local:8123 with chrome and everything appeared correctly.

So you can see everything but the configuration of nothing at all?
I think that you have to add configure: into your configuration.yaml to see it.

Thanks guys and sorry for the late reply!

I have tried Chrome and Safari. Same on both. The version I am using is 0.60

I click>Configurator
Then I see Info and under info I see a couple of things. For example which version 0.2.3 and also State which is set to Stopped and when I press the Start button, nothing happens.

Then we have the Options section and it is here that I cannot edit anything. This is what I have:
“username”: “admin”,
“password”: null,
“certfile”: “fullchain.pem”,
“keyfile”: “privkey.pem”,
“ssl”: false,
“allowed_networks”: [
“banned_ips”: [
“banlimit”: 0,
“ignore_pattern”: [
“dirsfirst”: false