GUI is Unresponsive After Some Time on iOS before Page Refresh (Pull Down) or Force Close/Open App - How To ID and Fix?

Please upgrade to iOS-2021.12.1 and core-2021.12.6, which includes fixes that work in tandem to hopefully address the problem. core-2021.12.4 and core-2021.12.5 had a bug which caused the page to blank out when the workaround was attempted.

Are you sure, this is app related?
I observe the same on Android but also in the webbrowser.
This started with HA version 2021.12.6.

I reverted back to 2021.12.5 and everything is fine again, in browser AND app.

Edit: apparently there is an open issue and a fix is coming with 2021.12.7

I have been seeing this issue since atleast the initial 2020 Home Assistant iOS app release… Whether it was caused by that update or a Home Assistant update - I have no clue

It is fixed with the latest update

I am also affected and this is quite annoying. Many times when I open the iOS app after it was in the background for a while, it lags dramatically, so input (cliks, swipes, etc.) are just considered with multiple seconds delay, before the screen ist just frozen. Sometimes it gets better afterwards or also with a manual refesh, sometimes it remains less responsive than usual.
Quickly killing the app and restarting it solves the issues, then the interface is as fluent as expected.

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