GUI Issue: Add Card overlapping the card menu

I have added a card to dashboard. But after adding the card, when I try to remove it, the Add Card button is overlapping the card movement arrows and the three dot menu. The screen capture is shown below. I have tried to rearrange other cards, but the card I want to delete is stuck in the same place. How can I delete the card? I do not feel comfortable in using raw editor to edit the dashboard.

Is it urgent?

Version 2023.7 which will be released next Wednesday has an alternate method of rearranging cards that will fix this issue.

Can you try a web browser with a different sized screen (I’m assuming this is on a mobile device)?

2023.6.3 This is happening on PC.

As you suggested, I reduced the zoom level to 90% and then I was able to delete the card. Will wait for 2023.7. Thanks…!!!

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