GUI Stock Market Values - how to add widgets

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Hello dear HA enthusiasts!
I am looing for a Lovelace config to visualize some Stock Market Values. For the values I am using a custom component called “Avanza Stock” and “yahoo finance”. So far they are working good for single values or stocks, but I would also like to have an overview of the world wide financial situation.
During my search I crossed this site ( which offers widgets.
As a new user of HA I was wondering: is it possible to add the offered code of to a lovelace configuration and if so how? In general that would be an instreting thing to know, since I stumble over farious intresting widgets from time to time.

So far I found out, that I can not natively display html inside lovelace, so I was using a custom component card for that:

Unfortunately the card can not display Java Script. So I think my follow up question is: how to use Java Script in Lovelace?

My solution looks like this. Has worked perfectly.

Create a file that you add to the directory www (if you do not have that directory, add it). My example, /config/www/tw_silver.html

In that file, add the HTML code generated by Tradingview. Save.

You may need to restart HA

Then add a card to the lovelace configuration of the web page type. URL /local/tw_silver.html