GUI tweaks needed

I LOVE Home Assistant!! And I have three small tweaks for the graphical user interface…

  1. This may be an “Americanism” or an English language thing - I’m not sure. The alarm_control_panel.alarm_system state is “DISARM” and “ARMED”… Armed is correct but Disarm is a command in English - it’s something for me to do. Every time I see it, I have to remind myself it already is disarmed. “DISARMED” would be the actual state because it is past tense and it isn’t a command.

  2. The color scheme is blue for all things that are on. Grey for all things that are off. I love this except when blue is actually off. So if I have a switch that shows an off state, that graphic is blue too because off is actually on. Confusing right? So the “on” state for the lightning bolt with a line through it - shouldn’t be blue for it’s on state - It should be grey. Our subject is the switch or light, not the state of the off graphic. That way I only see blue for all my devices that are actually on. Not on (blue) for something that is actually off.

  3. This is really a small bug from a couple releases back. I have some web links on my home page - One to forums here, one to the main page etc. However, when I click the links they are opening twice. Easy to live with because I just close one tab, so it might not have been reported.

THANKS SO MUCH FOR A WONDERFUL PROGRAM!!! I’m having a blast with my home automation!