GUI/YAML Comment Block

When using the GUI Interface to edit Automation and Scripts there is no way to add comments. If you switch to YAML mode you can add a comment by starting a Line with a “#”., but switching back to GUI and then back to YAML it is removed. So there need to be a GUI Block to add Comments that will stay in place when switching between GUI and YAML.

Yes, given the strategy to move more and more to the GUI, I would like this feature to be integrated as well.

If you’re not developing on a regular basis, it’s good to leave some notes to future you. Ahh well, when you write code, it’s known why commenting is a good practice. Got my vote :wink:

The GUI is done in JSON, which does not support comments.

Mm, that’s true. But the functionality wish stays. Generally adding a comment field to every dictionary or definition? Is that possible?

It is for the future you, like I’ve said. And comments are a good thing to have. Always. Not only in code.

JSON supports Strings, which is what a Comment would be. There is already String type “Description” that just saves TEXT. So why not Comment1, Comment2, etc?

I use a clumsy trick: add a STOP action with your comment, and then DISABLE the STOP action!
This simulates a COMMENT action.
It would be nice if there was a genuine COMMENT action

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